Day 1

Track “Digital Sovereignty: Terms, concepts and limitations”
“Economic, organizational and individual practices of digital sovereignty”

  • Andreas Polk and Oliver Budzinski: “Tearing them apart – Does divestiture increase competition in digital markets?”  
  • Christian Herzog and Daniela Zetti: “Digitally aided sovereignty – A suitable guide for the e-Government transformation?” Abstract
  • Laura Suna: “Migrants‘ awareness and imaginaries of discrimination by Artificial Intelligence. A conceptual framework for analysing digital literacy” Abstract
  • Carolin Wienrich, Astrid Carolus and Marc Erich Latoschik: “How to enable sovereign human-AI interactions at work? Concepts of graspable testbeds empowering people to understand and competently use AI-Systems” Abstract


Quasselstrippe/Chatterbox is a tool to support dialogues. Based on the idea of the tin can telephone, our tool is a digital voice interface to collect and process wishes, questions and comments. In the first part of the workshop, we will collect questions and come up with a dialogical framework. After that, we will assemble and configure the Chatterboxes. The fully assembled Chatterboxes will be presented in the exhibition of the Weizenbaum Conference. The answers provided by users are transcripted and may be displayed anonymously.

Lutz Reiter and Tomma Suki Hinrichsen

Welcome: Christoph Neuberger, Gesche Joost and Sascha Friesike (Weizenbaum Institute)
Keynote: Thomas Sattelberger (Parliamentary Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research)
Welcoming remarks: Ulrike Gote (Senator for Science, Health, Care and Equality of Berlin) (invited)
Organizational remarks: Scientific Organizers

14:45-15:15 – Coffee and snacks
15:15-15:30 – Opening and presentation of the exhibition

“Beyond Prediction: Data reflections ​​from me to us”

In this workshop, we consider problems of digital data, starting with data that is constantly collected about our bodies and health. Read more

Kit Kuksenok, Minha Lee and Christel De Maeyer

Track “Digital Sovereignty: Terms, concepts and limitations”
“Conceptual perspectives on digital sovereignty””

  • Stephan Kreutzer and Manual Molina Vogelsang: “Europe’s digital sovereignty – an international political economy conceptual approach” Abstract
  • Ana Pop Stefanija and Jo Pierson: “Agency affordances for embedding and practicing digital sovereignty” Abstract
  • Aisha Paulina Lami Kadiri: “The (im)possibilities of digital sovereignty in digital colonialism” Abstract
  • Daniel Lambach and Linda Monsees: “Don’t panic? European digital sovereignty and the fragmentation of the internet” Abstract

Track “Digital literacies and inequalities”
“Socio-technical developments and practices of empowerment”

  • Invited Talk with Claude Draude: “Reconfiguring Participation and Power Relations in Sociotechnical Systems Design”
  • Hagit Keysar and Eran Fisher: “New forms of struggle over distributed virtual sovereignty in urban settings” Abstract
  • Ariel Guersenzvaig: “Machine learning, health, and the end of theory” Abstract
  • Lucas Lasota: “REUSE: Making copyright and licensing compliance easier for everyone” Abstract
  • Alexander Smit, Joëlle Swart and Marcel Broersma: “Digital inclusion of low-literate adults: The sequential underpinnings of the digital divide” Abstract

 “Information law and the digital transformation of the university: Navigating digital sovereignty, Data Governance, and access to research data”

Balazs Bodo, Joris van Hoboken, Mireille van Eechoud, Heleen Janssen and Jef Ausloos

Gesche Joost (Weizenbaum Institute) talks with Ulrich Lilie (President Diakonie Deutschland), Susanna Krüger (Co-Founder bcause) and Harald Schmitz (Chairman of the Board Bank für Sozialwirtschaft AG) about new common good.

(in German)

Alberto de Campo & team