All workshops are organized in cooperation with the Federal Agency for Civic Education (Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung).

Track Chairs

Track “Digital sovereignty: terms, concepts, limitations”

Track “Datafication and democracy”

Track “Digital literacies and inequalities”

  • Bianca Herlo
  • Stefan Ullrich

Track “Digital sovereignty and scientific autonomy”

  • Sascha Friesike
  • Maximilian Heimstädt

Workshops and Projects

  • Elizabeth Calderón-Lüning
  • Andreas Unteidig

Event Management and Coordination

  • Corinna Canali
  • Athena Grandis
  • Johanna Hampf (Head of Event Management)
  • Lisa Hofmann
  • Jan-Willem Marquardt
  • Roland Toth

Layout and Website

  • Karen Fischäder
  • Athena Grandis
  • Enno Peter (Website)